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Eiko's Story

Hello! My name is Eiko. I am native to Japan, but I have lived in the United States for more than twenty years. I have three grown sons and live in Virginia with my husband, two adorable dogs and three cockatiels.


I grew up in Japan with my parents, my elder brother, my twin sister and my grandmother.


I have a distinct memory of a day when I was 5 years old, playing in our family living room, warmly lit by the sun. My twin sister Yasuko was in bed with a fever. My grandma came into the room with her usual lovely smile and sat down to read a book. After a while, she shut the book, closed her eyes, raised her hands in the air and took a deep breath.


I stopped playing to watch her. As she moved, she said to me, “Eiko, we can’t see anything in the air, but healing energy exists everywhere around us.” I didn’t understand what she meant.


“If you fall and hit your knee,” she continued, “what does your mom do? She places her hands over your knee with lots of love, doesn’t she? She is using healing energy to relieve the pain. That energy could heal everyone, everything, with our loving hearts.”


Grandma explained to me that the Japanese word for “place your hands” also means “treatment”: TEATE. “Remember, you can heal people by placing your hands over them with your loving heart,” she told me.


I ran to my twin sister’s bedside. As she laid there, fevered, I placed my hands over her head with my loving heart. She woke the next morning feeling fine! I know she may well have recovered without my “teate”, but that moment was enough for me to believe in the power of healing energy.


As I grew older, I realized that “teate” was Reiki, and that day was my first Reiki session!


I chose the name "Echo Healing" because my name is Eiko, which sounds like "echo".  I hope to provide healing that resonates like an echo to those in need.

Picture of Eiko
Image by Oleg Illarionov

About Eiko

I was born and raised in a suburb of Tokyo, surrounded by stunning mountains and scenic rivers. I have lived in Beijing and America, where my husband and I raised their three sons.


I first encountered formal Reiki in Japan while training to be a medical translator, when a doctor/teacher introduced me to the practice. During my studies of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and medical safety, I also would discuss Chinese medicine, invisible Qi energy and Reiki. I felt drawn to Reiki and spent more time learning about the method.


After qualifying as a licensed medical translator, I returned to the United States and began to formally study Reiki. My certifications include:

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Reiki Distance Healing Specialist

  • Chakra Energy Healer

  • Crystal Energy Healer

  • Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner

  • Feng Shui Specialist

  • Certified Spiritual Healing Advisor & Medium

  • Obtained Certificate of Completion for " The Science of Well-Being"  from Yale University

  • Meditation Coach Certification

  • I strive to share my passion for Reiki and heal people with the loving energy instilled in me that day when I was 5. I am fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese, enabling me to communicate with a broad range of people around the world.

Image by Esther Verdú
Natural healer reiki master
Seal of Completion Distance Healing Specialist
Seal of Completion chakra healing
Seal of Completion Space Clearing
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