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Eyes Closed

What to expect       

A Distance Reiki session is typically conducted via Zoom or your preferred video link platform. This is an online session or digital healing session. (If you prefer not to be on camera, I am happy to communicate via phone or messaging app). We set a convenient date and time in advance, and I will explain the session and discuss your specific needs, answering any questions you may have.

I offer on-site healing sessions within a reachable distance by car, exclusively for female clients.


For details, please contact through the website, or by email

At the appropriate time, find a comfortable, quiet place to lie down, perhaps your bed or sofa. Set an intention – in your mind, agree to accept healing from your practitioner – then simply close your eyes, relax and enjoy the peaceful, healing session. I will include tranquil music and soundscapes if desired.


A Distance Reiki session typically lasts 1 hour. Based on the Japanese Usui Reiki method, I may use a combination of my own healing techniques and guided meditation. This includes using crystals, symbols, and breathing to realign the chakras to heal your body and mind.


Chakras refer to energy centers of your body: The main Chakras are believed to be seven in number and spin like wheels. When all seven chakras are in balance, you feel optimum health and wellbeing. Through energy healing, I am able to detect where a chakra may be unbalanced or be holding negative energy. I help clear this energy and instill a sense of ease. After the healing, I will also provide guidance on self -healing techniques, adjusting personal energy and methods for purification to help you take care of your body and mind.


During the session, you may feel deeply relaxed, you may experience pleasant tingling sensations in certain areas, or you may even doze off! Just allow yourself to enjoy the healing energy and this time for self-care. Let's explore how to adjust our bodies and minds to live peacefully and happily!


Afterwards, you may experience a lasting sense of stillness, grounding and peace. I am happy to answer any follow-up questions or simply allow you to remain quiet and calm.

Image by Esther Verdú

Contact me

I am happy to discuss my method and answer any questions you may have. 

Eiko Shu

+001 (703) 627-9239

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