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This red carnelian fullerene ball includes a black waxed necklace cord (2.0mm-45CM) w/ strling silver clasp and a figurine of fairy called Kodama. It can be worn as an accessory or display it in your room as a charm. Kodama is  a fairy that appears in the movie Princess Mononoke. It glows in the dark!


It is said that the Fullerene Ball helps cleans negative energy while promoting high vibrations.

Each Natural Stone Fullerene Ball is handcrafted and energized by a certified Reiki Healer.



  • 90 count 4mm [insert stone name] AAA quality Natural Stone Beads

  • 3cm diameter fullerene ball

  • Includes polished clear acrylic stand and display case


Red Carnelian Fullerene Ball Pendant | 4mm Natural Stone Beads

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